Our Services


Erosion Matting and Straw Mulching

 Stabilizing materials most commonly used at construction sites to reinforce soil and support plant growth. 


Compost Filter Sock

Compost filter sock is commonly used filter to run off and hold back silt. Our compost filter sock is blown in place in 5 different diameter sizes. 

Common used include: 

Perimeter Control 

Runoff Diversions 

Sediment Traps


Retaining Walls and Plantings

Designed to withstand the pressure of soils from a change in ground elevations and to hold back erosion.


Seeding and Raking

  • Temporary Seeding- for areas that need temporary stability and will undergo disturbance in the future
  • Permanent Seeding- stabilization of the soil at final grade
  •                                 - New Lawn Installation
  • Hydroseeding- a slurry of seed and mulch sprayed to the final grade
  • Raking


Light Excavation

Gravel Driveway, Resurface and Repair

Septic Installation

Lawn Installation

Shed Pads

Residential Property Maintenance



You can enjoy your beautiful lawn with none of the work. We provide numerous care options for your lawn with the highest quality of service to ensure the perfect lawn all year round.

Grow your lawn and landscape without the blood, sweat and tears. Create the lawn and landscape package that best fits your needs with Creekside’s professional guidance and then watch us do the work!

We perform year round services with options that start from laying a complete new yard all the way through regular cut and maintenance. Some of the services we can provide include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Aerating and optional over-seeding
  • Spring bed and lawn clean up
  • Fall leaf clean up
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Edging, Mulching and planting

These packages are made to order. We realize yard care cannot be a one size fits all program. Please contact us with questions or for a free consultation and estimate.


Commercial Property Maintenance


 The first impression is the most important impression. We guarantee your outdoor property will create a great first impression with every customer every time.

A healthy eye popping landscape can dramatically affect the first impression of a customer or client. The landscape is the welcome mat for your business and the initial point of contact that your client has when arriving to your place of business. It is imperative that you treat condition of your property with the attention it deserves. Numerous studies have shown that appearance trumps facts. A prospective client’s first impression of your business, if that impression is a good one, can lead to more leads, increased sales, and increased tenant occupation.